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About My Studio

Xena Carter Designs, an artisan jewelry studio, started in in 2008 in the back shed of my house in California.  My designs are all handcrafted and done in my studio to maintain quality. The jewelry contains only precious and semi-precious gemstones and metals and pearls. I originally started out doing mainly bead work, and over the years have incorporated metal forming, etching, chain maille, cold connection, wire work and more into my pieces.

As is true of so many people who end up doing design, my background consists of a variety of work and skills - I am originally from New York with a degree and background in fashion design, and have done everything from IT support, architectural project management, property management, and real estate. After many years in the corporate world doing project management, I began Xena Carter Designs, and eventually resettled in Santa Fe, NM. 

Throughout the years I have traveled extensively, and find my inspirations in other cultures, in history, spectacles. My work reflects my experiences - of travel, art, nature -  through the colors, shapes, materials, proportions and rhythms of my pieces.  Recently, I am more intrigued than ever by the passage of time, the endless quality of nature, versus the impermanence of man's world. Perhaps the influence of the New Mexican desert which seems like a place beyond time.

I always love to hear about your inspirations, so if you would like to share, or if you have a question, please contact me.

- Xena Carter