High Quality Artisan Jewelry To Feed Your Soul
High Quality Artisan Jewelry To Feed Your Soul
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Jorma Laine

Recently I have been working in bronze, and have been wanting to do some cast pieces, which is new for me.  Bronze is a fairly hard metal, and can be difficult to work with, but you can’t beat it for creating beautiful curves in cast pieces. So for inspiration, I am looking to one of my favorite designers, Jorma Laine.  I first came across his work through a friend who collected Danish Modern silver, and fell instantly in love with his work. Laine (1930- 2002) was a prominent Finnish designer in the Scandinavian Modernist Jewelry movement during the 1960s and 70s.  His work is predominantly abstract, organic shapes, usually in bronze or silver, and more rarely in gold. He had his own firm Silver-Laine, and also worked for Turin Hopea. Inspired by nature, he spent most of his life in the country close to wildlife. Below is one of my favorite pieces, but if you want to see more, visit my Pinterest page for an album of his work. https://pin.it/yk34j7vae5bd6i
If you have any great Jorma Laine pieces, please share!  I always love to see designs I haven’t come across before. 

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